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Family adventures provide the ideal balance of fun and education. By venturing outside their comfort zones, children develop healthy growth mindsets and learn to embrace stretching their limits.

Take a ride aboard the Chattanooga Ducks for an enjoyable city tour on land and water! This WWII amphibious vehicle converts to river boat mode at the end of each 90-minute tour for added fun!

1. High Point Zip Adventure

Family Adventures KiwiInspired Activities for Kids in Chattanooga

Experience the thrills of high-speed zip line circuit with this family-friendly adventure. Soar over mountain valleys and rivers while experiencing adrenaline-pumping adventures from treetops.

Kids of all ages will delight in this one-of-a-kind flying experience! Take to the skies through a series of thrilling zip lines in a forest canopy setting, while climbing to the top of a 40-foot climbing tower with multiple levels of difficulty routes for climbing to reach its summit.

Take a step back from everyday life and embrace nature at this 317-acre arboretum. Reconnect with mother earth while traversing 12 miles of trails, a botanical garden, wildflower meadows, small ponds, and even native animals!

Chattanooga has long had a passion for trains, and this museum proudly displays their love in full view. Exhibits include old photographs and artifacts along with a model train layout. Ride the Missionary Ridge Local for an opportunity to gain insight into Chattanooga’s rich railroad history as well as natural wonders.

Rekindle your all-American roots with this iconic activity! Chattanooga is home to the Chattanooga Lookouts minor league baseball team and AT&T Field is an enjoyable place to watch them! AT&T Field’s staff and fans make for an enjoyable experience that provides a wonderful opportunity for bonding among family members while supporting your home team!

2. Cavern Castle

Kids who dream of exploring caves will adore Chattanooga’s Cavern Castle. This cozy, two-bedroom cavern home was created to pay homage to its ancestor cliff dwellings while providing modern comforts and amenities for travelers. John + Happy Oasis built it as an answer to one question: How can we build into a cliff and celebrate its wild beauty while honoring nature around it?

Cave Castle’s entrance leads into a tunnel with a stream running along its right side and a path on its left, eventually reaching a waterfall with an opening leading south into a large cavern with three bridges at various heights spanning its lake containing Esmond Tyne’s corpse as per Glover Mallory’s quest.

Kids of all ages are invited to explore Cave Castle either with an expert tour guide or on their own. At Chickamauga & Chattanooga Military Park they can learn about the Civil War through ranger guided programs, or try sewing, woodworking or arts workshops at Creative Discovery Museum. Chattanooga Zoo hosts Keeper Talks as well as seasonal activities while the city library hosts youth arts workshops like painting + sip classes, ballet & bookworms classes as well as painting+ sip classes!

3. Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain stands tall above Chattanooga and offers breathtaking views from two valleys below. At its summit sits Point Park, part of Chickamauga and Chattanooga Military Park which honors Civil War battles fought on Lookout Mountain; on top is Point Park itself where Civil War battles are commemorated as well as an inclined railway that started running up it in 1895, plus there’s Ruby Falls cave featuring an amazing 145-foot waterfall (Ruby Falls), rock formations called Rock City; perfect for spending weekends or weeks of vacation exploring all Lookout Mountain has to offer!

Kids will delight in scaling Cavern Castle for breathtaking panoramic views of downtown Memphis and Tennessee Valley, then ride the Incline Railway at its highest grade (72.7%) for exhilarating rides – from which point, it is easy to access Point Park to learn about Civil War battles fought here.

Chattanooga Helicopters offer exciting sky tours at prices beginning from $50 for general sightseeing flights to more elaborate options such as gender reveals, custom events and egg drops for up to three people at the same time. Visit their website for more details or alternatively head down to Bluff View Art District where there are restaurants, coffee shops galleries and historic buildings all within one walking distance of each other.

4. High Point Climbing & Fitness

High Point Climbing & Fitness, Chattanooga’s premier rock climbing facility, is now open in downtown Chattanooga! Boasting indoor and outdoor climbing walls that stand up to 60 feet tall, this place is a must for those with an adventurous streak. Beginners can take advantage of auto-belay walls while experts can learn advanced techniques. Plus, our Kids Zone provides fun climbing walls shaped like giraffes, spiderwebs, mazes and more – you won’t want to miss it!

Climbing Magazine honored them as “Coolest Climbing Gym in the Country” in 2015 and since has expanded their operation into Memphis and Orlando. Only this facility offers the awe-inspiring Glass House climbing surface – an unparalleled spectacle!

Visitors must first sign a full liability waiver and wear suitable attire before beginning. Children under age of 14 must be supervised by either their legal guardian or parent.

Chattanooga’s outdoor spaces provide a perfect place for reconnecting with nature. Chattanooga parks feature miles of hiking trails, botanical gardens, small ponds and meadows, native plant and animal exhibits and more. In addition, there are educational programs, activities and workshops geared toward kids that teach about nature – climbing up Walnut Wall at Coolidge Park; caving beneath ground; or scaling the Cavern Castle are just a few options available to young explorers!

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