Chattanooga on a Budget Exploring the City without Breaking the Bank

Chattanooga boasts stunning scenery and outdoor recreation worthy of any Olympian, not to mention an exciting downtown and riverfront area.

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When visiting Chattanooga on a budget, the downtown area is an excellent starting point. Home to many hotels as well as local restaurants and bars offering quick bites or live music events, there is something in this neighborhood for every budget traveller.

Downtown Knoxville boasts the renowned Walnut Street Bridge, providing breathtaking views of Tennessee River. If you feel inclined, why not stroll across this bridge and visit some of the wonderful local shops and restaurants along your path?

For those seeking outdoor adventure, Chickamauga City boasts numerous hiking trails. Many are free and there are options tailored specifically to each visitor’s interests. In addition, Chickamauga also features some spectacular natural swimming holes in North Chickamauga Creek Gorge which can be found 20 minutes outside downtown.

If you appreciate art, be sure to visit the Bluff Arts District of Chattanooga. Here you can stroll and admire some of Chattanooga’s local artwork – with public sculpture gardens also within this district. Additionally, for live music enthusiasts there is always the Chattanooga Riverfront Nightfall Concert Series held each Friday throughout summer featuring various musicians across genres.

Chester Frost Park

Chattanooga may be best known for its musical history, but this city offers much more than catchy tunes. From beautiful natural surroundings and outdoor activities that would impress an Olympian to engaging cultural experiences and intriguing historical landmarks – this destination warrants further investigation.

One of the best places to begin your explorations is at the River Gallery Sculpture Garden. Spend as long as you like wandering its paths and gazing upon some of its unique artwork. Another enjoyable outdoor activity would be taking a stroll along Chattanooga’s Riverwalk, located downtown – here you can take in breathtaking Tennessee river views while walking.

The Walnut Street Bridge is another must-see. This pedestrian-only bridge connects downtown Chattanooga with North Shore and boasts numerous shops and restaurants as well as its signature sidewalk with dance moves marked out with footprints numbered one through nine! For even more fun, rent a bicycle from Bike Chattanooga and ride across this landmark bridge!

After hearing that Hamilton County parks would temporarily close due to coronavirus outbreak, I was delighted to learn that Chester Frost Park on Lake Chickamauga would remain open – this 280-acre park offers power boat launches, swimming beaches, fishing piers, group picnic facilities and RV/ tent campsite.

The Hunter Museum

Chattanooga may be best known for its musical heritage, but this city also offers breathtaking scenery, outdoor activities that would put an Olympic athlete to shame and engaging cultural experiences. While some iconic attractions require admission fees, you’ll find plenty to see and do here without breaking the bank!

The Tennessee Aquarium is an essential stop for marine life enthusiasts. Boasting two buildings of exhibits showcasing some of the region’s most amazing fish species, this underwater haven offers something spectacular for every visitor who enters – and you don’t even need to pay admission! Get an intimate glimpse of aquatic wonders beneath the waves at Tennessee Aquarium today.

If you’re in search of cheap arts and culture experiences, visit one of Chattanooga’s public sculpture gardens or parks with free admission, such as Coolidge or Renaissance Parks – both situated along the Tennessee River through downtown – which offer scenic vistas as you stroll or picnic on their grassy spaces and lush landscaping – Coolidge has a grassy carousel for children while Renaissance offers more natural surroundings for walkers or picnickers alike.

Garden at Forest Hills Cemetery in St. Elmo offers another low-cost cultural experience option. This charming garden cemetery houses some of Chattanooga’s most prominent historical figures including Civil War generals and industrialists who founded this vibrant city, making this a wonderful way to spend an enjoyable afternoon with your family.

Coolidge Park

Hiking Chattanooga’s world-class trails is an economical and unforgettable way to spend a memorable outdoor experience. Most hiking destinations don’t charge entry or parking fees and offer endless hiking possibilities with no added costs such as gas or food costs. Signal Point or Raccoon Mountain offer stunning mountain hiking opportunities, while Lookout Mountain cliffs can provide unforgettable panoramic vistas for unforgettable outdoor memories in Chattanooga.

Stroll along the riverwalk in downtown Chattanooga for a relaxing outdoor experience and stunning views of Tennessee River. There are also plenty of restaurants and shops in this area, as well as free public transit service to keep you occupied. Or rent a bike from Bike Chattanooga to cross Walnut Street Bridge which connects downtown with North Shore offering stunning cityscape views along with water fountain, rock climbing wall, historic carousel – you’re guaranteed an active adventure here!

Coolidge Park on Chattanooga’s north side should not be missed when traveling with children. This park features lush grasses and highly manicured spaces ideal for picnicking or playing lawn games; kids will enjoy splashing through its water fountain. There’s also a late 19th century wooden carousel and 50ft climbing wall here that are sure to keep everyone amused!

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